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Shuai jiao, a wrestling style originating in China, which according to legend, has a reported history of over 4,000 years. In Ancient Greece, Greek wrestling was a popular form of martial art . Plus, get every WWE Premium Live Event, your favorite shows, new movies, live sports, and more.

  • Burroughs doubled Marsteller out of bounds for an apparent four points; however, upon review, it was deemed to be four in Marsteller’s favor.
  • Koontz never wavered and grinded out a pair of wins (4-1, 7-4) to earn his first shot on the world stage at the Senior level.
  • The USA and Japan are the most successful still active nations in Olympic wrestling history, with Japan’s women dominating the female division.
  • This shouldn’t be that surprising considering Page took a match off Kayla Miracle last year in their special post-Final X wrestle-off.

Athletes representing the Soviet Union have won 116 medals at the Games, including 62 golds. Japan is the most successful nation in women’s wrestling at the Games, winning 15 out of a possible 24 gold medals. In Greco-Roman wrestling, competitors use only their arms and upper bodies to attack. Freestyle wrestling is a much more open form in which competitors also use their legs and can hold opponents above or below the waist. Chance Marsteller reflects on his three-match Final X series win against Jordan Burroughs at 79 kilograms. Vito Arujau followed up his NCAA title by sweeping fellow Cornell national champ Nahshon Garrett in the 61-kilogram series at Final X.

Rob Van Dam reflects on one of the biggest moments of his pro wrestling career. Xavier Johnson is the first wrestler from the Carolinas to make a world/Olympic team in any style since Dremiel Byers did so at 120 kg in Greco in 2012. The two wrestlers surrounding Kayla Miracle in the lineup; Page and Kilty , both have lost to Miracle in a Final X or Olympic Trials final. With her series-clinching fall, Adeline Gray got her third career Final X fall. With Arujau and Lee making the world team debuts, it will make four wrestlers from that class that have already made world teams (Fix/Yianni Diakomihalis). Lee is the first Indiana native to make the men’s freestyle team since Reece Humphrey in 2015.

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Britannica is the ultimate student resource for key school subjects like history, government, literature, and more. In Greco-Roman wrestling, Turkey’s Riza Kayaalp has established himself as a dominant figure at 130 kg, with three Olympic medals and a multitude of world titles. Taylor’s great rival, Iran’s Rio 2016 Olympic champion Hassan Yazdani, is a giant in the sport in every sense, while superlative Abdulrashid Sadulaev is an Olympic champion in two different weight classes.


There have been plenty of wrestlers nicknamed “Rock” and “Rocky” through the years, but only one of them hailed from… Halfway through 2023, it has become obvious to fans that certain WWE wrestlers have failed to do much and rank among the worst of the year. 2023 has been quite a noteworthy year for WWE thus far, with plenty of wrestlers doing some amazing work for the company. Several wrestlers were let go by WWE in the 2010s and were forgotten by most fans but went on to have pretty interesting careers.

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Lucharesu might not be my favorite style of wrestling, but I’m really glad I tried it. With a quick two episode turn around we should see the final build to tomorrows show featuring the… It’s time to read about all that happened on this week’s episode of ROH TV. Without further ado, let’s get to it. Kyle Fletcher VS Christopher Daniels Fun back and forth match that was really meant to establish Kyle Fletcher as a singles…

Koontz started his Final X “career” with five consecutive losses (2x 2019/2x 2022) before rallying to beat Duffield in matches two and three. The 2023 team will have at least three first-time world team members with Page, Kilty, and Bruntil. Greco-Roman had five World Team Trials winners go on to take the world team spot. Like Valencia and Rogers, Emma Bruntil fell in the US Open finals and immediately made her mind up to give it another shot, at a different weight class, in the WTT’s. Bruntil moved up and crushed past Final X participant Alex Glaude for the right to compete in Newark. In match one against Velte, Kilty pulled ahead with a late takedown, then pinned Velte with ten seconds remaining in the contest.

Judo is a style of wrestling which is derived from Jujitsu, a Japanese martial art. As a wrestling style Judo is distinctive in that its practitioners wear trousers and a thick jacket and belt . These suits can be grabbed in order to throw or pin an opponent etc. Judo also allows locks and chokes although these may be restricted or banned outright for juniors. Judo clubs are also the most common wrestling type clubs in Western Europe and are often found in towns and cities. There have also been Inter-Celtic tournaments between Cornwall and Brittany dating back to the Field of the Cloth of Gold in 1520 through to the modern era with regular events since 1928.

This was because organisers considered it historically significant as Greco-Roman wrestling was deemed to be a reincarnation of ancient Greek and Roman wrestling. At the end of the six-minute period, the total scores are tallied and the wrestler with more points wins. In case of a tie, the wrestler who has scored the maximum number of points from a single move is declared the winner. Competitors can also gain points if the opponent causes infractions, for example illegal holds, trying to flee a hold rather than defend it, being too negative or by being too passive.

It was a comeback story for the ages as Chance Marsteller knocked off seven-time World/Olympic champion Jordan Burroughs in three matches Saturday night. One of the best high schooler’s ever to come out of wrestling-rich Pennsylvania, Marsteller initially went to Oklahoma State before transferring to Lock Haven and AA’ing twice. Since getting sober, Marsteller has led a thriving kids club and has become the wrestler that most envisioned while he was 15 or 16. In women’s freestyle, USA’s Tamyra Mensah-Stock was one of the biggest names in the sport after claiming 68kg gold at Tokyo 2020, and several world championships titles. In 1904, Olympic officials added freestyle wrestling, commonly known as “catch as catch can”, to the programme.